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Why Food Freedom Never Goes Out of Style

I’m a sucker for a good analogy, so hear me out: Food freedom is to eating as jeans are to fashion👖

We all know trends go in and out of style (that’s kinda the point). In the past 40 years, we’ve seen leggings, fanny packs, chunky sneakers, scrunchies, and more go in and out of style.

But, despite some variation (skinny vs. flare, blue vs. colors, high waisted vs. low rise), jeans have been there for us through it all. Even when we just really want to wear leggings👀

It’s the same with diets!

Atkins came back as the low-carb/keto craze. That old Vogue egg-and-wine diet circulating sounds like some form of food combining. Sugar was pushed during the low-fat phase and now is demonized.

But listening to your body?
Nourishing yourself with enough food to feel satisfied and energized and safe?
Actually enjoying what you eat and not feeling guilty for it?

That’ll never go out of style.

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