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Microwave Oatmeal Hack

❣️Microwave oatmeal hack❣️

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve made oatmeal boil over in the microwave…🤦🏼‍♀️ Anyone else?? You try to be efficient by putting stuff away while it’s cooking, then suddenly BAM you’ve got a sticky mess all over the microwave😩

I recently learned a trick that PREVENTS this problem! Without needing to watch your oatmeal and stir it every 30 seconds. All you have to do is…

1) Find a deep bowl or microwave dish (if you weren’t already using one) and add your oats and water. If using any kind of milk, add this at the end since it foams.

2) Reduce the power level on the microwave to 50%.

3) Add additional cooking time depending on your texture preference! I doubled mine from 2.5–>5 minutes because I prefer thicker oats, but if you like them runny you could get away with just an additional minute.

Boom bam👊🏻, you’ve got quick oats ready for toppings! In my bowl: vanilla Greek yogurt, almonds and pepitas, blueberries, and Khiasi Beauty beauty supplement from Zippy Pantry

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