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Grill Out Safety 101

This one’s for the dads! And other fatherly figures of course❤️

Remember, just because “you’ve been doing this the same way for 30 years and no one’s gotten sick yet” doesn’t mean safety should go out the window😉 Enjoy these refreshers👌🏻


-Make sure your food reaches its minimum internal cooking temp

>>Burgers: 160 degrees F (165 degrees F if turkey)

>>Brats/Hot Dogs: 160 degrees F

>>Chicken: 165 degrees F

>>Fish: 145 degrees F

-Store food below 40 degrees F before cooking

Wash hands thoroughly before and after handling food (especially meat)

Rinse fresh produce

-Use a fresh, clean plate for cooked foods


-Leave food at room temperature for 2+ hours (or 1 hour at 90 degrees F or higher)

Rinse meat before cooking it (there is no need, and this can actually splash raw meat juice onto other foods or eating surfaces and contaminate them)

Partially cook meat/fish with the intention of cooking it more later

Store raw meat with other foods (fresh produce, cheese, dessert, etc.)

Remember– Food safety keeps everyone healthy, especially those who are most vulnerable to food-borne pathogens (i.e. elderly, children, pregnant, and immunocompromised folks)

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